1) Practice everyday – Make practice a part of your daily routine – Do you like to practice early in the morning or late at night? Everyone is different.  Figure out the best time for you to practice and stick with it.

2) Never forget your finger exercises and warm-ups – Finger exercises and other warm-ups are crucial if you want to be a good player. Not only will it make your hands and fingers more flexible, it will also reduce the danger of injuries.

3) Make your practice area comfortable – Make sure that your practice area is comfortable and free from distractions so you can concentrate and focus on your music.

4) Remember, it’s not a race – Keep in mind that everyone learns at their own speed, some are quick learners while others take time to progress. Don’t be ashamed if you feel you’re progressing slower than others.

5) Be open with your music teacher – If you’re taking individual or group lessons make sure that you communicate with your teacher. Ask your teacher if there’s an area you’re struggling with or something you don’t fully understand.  Your teachers are your friends and are there to help you improve.

6) Get your equipment ready – Before each practice session, make sure all your materials and your instrument are ready and within easy reach.

Also, there are a few great tools out there that will help you make practicing music easier and more productive.  One of them is our very own MUSIC PRACTICE APP – “PRACTICE PRESTO” – we packed it full of features for music teachers and students and is available on both IOS AND ANDROID.