Practice Skills

Independently finds and prepares all materials needed for lesson or practice, such as sheet music, tablet or computer, audio player, metronome etc. Uses correct posture and hand position when playing. Follows lesson or practice lessons from a teacher, or parent. Works independently on assigned music practice tasks.

Performance Skills

Independently selects music to learn and perform that is technically appropriate for their skill level, and which they enjoy practicing.They should be able to maintain tempo throughout a song, or speed up or slow down appropriately. Exercises dynamic control, playing louder or softer.

Instrument Care Skills

Keeps their instrument safe, cleaned, and tuned.  They can get their instrument ready to play and put it away properly afterwards.  

Listening Skills

Imitates heard or remembered selections of music by playing them on the keyboard. When listening to or reading music, can identify the different chords, musical phrases, harmonic progressions, and different modes. Jot down selections of heard or remembered music using standard music notation.

Memory Skills

Performs music from memory from start to finish.

Improvisation and Composition

Creates and records original arrangements of familiar pieces of music.

Music Appreciation

Identifies music by title, performer, and composer when listening to a portion of a piece. Identifies instruments when listening to solo or ensemble performances. Knows the vocabulary of music. Identifies and describes different musical styles.