Some students are self motivated.  Others need a push from their teachers, parents, or friends. Here are some tips for motivating your student.  

-Know your child and what type of motivation will work. If a child is very self motivated, that is great!  But it doesn’t mean that they don’t want you to be involved. On the other hand, if your child needs reminders, be consistent.  Help your child understand that it’s important.

-Set up a reward system. There are some children who need a little more motivation than others. You can use a special treat or a points system to reward them when they practice music so they’ll want to practice more.  

-Competition.  Some students thrive when there’s competition.  Set up a competition between your music students and offer a prize to the winner.  Students will be motivated to practice more so they can win. A healthy competition can boost their confidence and encourage them to practice more.

-Be their biggest cheerleader. As a teacher or parent, we need to recognize the importance of creating a positive environment for children.  We should praise them so they can grow and become more confident. This positive reinforcement encourages students to work hard and practice more.  

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