Our Mission

On a mission to use innovation to make teaching and learning music more effective, engaging and fun.

Our Story

Hi and welcome! I’m Kristine Johnsgaard, the founder of Practice Presto.

As a cellist and music teacher myself, I am always looking for smart and fun ways to engage students, to empower them to practice more, to love learning their instrument and to grow.

For many years, I’ve been searching for an app that I could use to effectively communicate with students and parents and manage the learning process, but never found one that was both feature-rich and fun.

Then I thought, “Why not create one?” I’ve always loved technology and I already know what teachers, students and parents want! That’s how Practice Presto was born, back in 2016… Fast-forward to today, close to a 1000 music teachers all over the world have tried Practice Presto, the app has undergone hundreds of updates, and we have a full-time development and customer service teams to serve you, your students and their parents.

Our home base is in Norway, but Practice Presto is for all music teachers across the globe, united by the common passion to see students have fun and succeed in learning their instrument, whether they are destined to be soloists or not.

 I am proud and honored to support you, wherever you are… We are getting some great feedback from our teachers and we are excited to keep growing and improving Practice Presto.

About Kristine

Kristine Johnsgaard was born in Las Vegas, but her parents are Norwegian and moved the family to Norway when she was 12. She started to play the cello and piano, studied the cello at the Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo and got her Master’s Degree at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Upon graduating, Kristine started performing and teaching professionally.

“I am always interested in a challenge and learned to play the “saw” and the theremin – just because I was challenged to do so. I am an artist ( I do mixed media inspired by music and music playing), I am a good cook, I do yoga ( of course).”

Over the years, Kristine has also worked as a web designer, graphic designer and programmer and has applied her experience and passion for good design within Practice Presto.

Kristine and her husband Thorbjørn live outside of Oslo and have 2 adult boys and a dog named Chuck. Both of them serial entrepreneurs, Kristine and Thorbjørn have worked side-by-side for years, launching a number of ventures.  One of these ventures, Audiens Norge AS, was launched 10 years ago and now owns 6 different brands, including Practice Presto. Today, Audiens Norge AS has 25 employees, including Kristine and Thorbjørn’s son.

Our Values

We believe you want to spend more time inspiring students and less time preparing lessons or doing paperwork. That’s why Practice Presto offers robust assignment templates, enables you to create student groups  and boasts a built-in book sharing functionality and simplified file uploads.

We believe more music learning happens outside the instruction time than inside. To this end, we have gone all out to help you encourage students outside of the classroom! From chat and comments, to “like” button and awards, Practice Presto has the tools you need to keep your students engaged and push them to grow!

We stand against copying sheet music. We are passionate about educating teachers, students and parents about the importance of purchasing sheet music. To this end, we have made it easy to link directly to the books students need to practice effectively. (Yup, this IS a big deal. Want to learn more about our stance? Hop on over to this page. We’d love to share more about our philosophy!)

We take pride in your student and parent relationships. That’s why we gave you a ton of ways to communicate with them, comment on student progress and organize student learning to fit each individual family. All (and we truly mean ALL) of your professional communications are consolidated in Practice Presto and completely separated from your personal life. No more juggling multiple platforms and resources or responding 24/7. With Practice Presto, you control your availability. Go offline when you need to. All student and parent messages, practice recordings and comments will be there for you to sort through when you come back. Parents and students don’t have to wonder whether you received an email or why you are ignoring them when you are clearly “online” in Whatsapp. (Read: “I am reclaiming my personal life.” Cool, huh?!)

We believe in transparency. Learning an instrument is not a mysterious experience that happens between the teacher and student in the room. We feel that involving parents and empowering them to understand key teaching methodologies is necessary for student success. The more parents know about what happens during the lesson, the better equipped they are to help their child practice correctly and encourage them to practice more. Practice Presto enables you to share the teaching responsibility (and the credit for student accomplishments) with parents. (Yes, they do like it! And yes, they are actually pretty good at telling students the same things that you usually repeat to them anyway. They are parents after all :))

Our Pledge is your students will practice more, perform better and enjoy learning music. You’ll love the time-saving (and sanity-saving)  features and flexibility of Practice Presto. We promise.

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