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With Practice Presto you can easily share  your “online room” details for a quick connection with your student.

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What Music Teachers Are Saying

I have been using Practice Presto for the last 2 months and this app is a really useful teaching tool for music teachers and their students. I can track all students’ assignments, practice sessions, schedule, events and discussions  – all in one place. I highly recommend Practice Presto for all music teachers! 

Lisa Wong

Violin Studio , Nebraska - USA

This app has made my teaching sessions much more fun and engaging. I can even see how much my students have practiced – awsome!

Everything I need is in one portal: assignments, attendance, reviewing student practice, chat, awards. Wow, I am in love with this app!

Michael Hansen

Guitarplayer and Teacher, London - England


Amazing Features!

Give students all the resources they need to practice more

Keep all the instruction resources within Practice Presto and reuse them whenever you need to!


  • Create engaging, content rich assignments. Upload photos, video, text files, audio and video files and pdf. Share books with students and earn affiliate commissions on their purchases.
  • Create custom assignments for individual students or create assignment templates and personalize them for students and student groups
  • Get inspired! Use assignment templates uploaded by other Practice Presto teachers and share your own

Engage students outside of their lessons

Seamlessly interact with students when and where you have time, without the obligation to chat “live”


  • See how much your student has practiced in the last 7 days
  • Enjoy the built-in social features – create awards, “like” and comment on student assignment submissions
  • Chat with students and give feedback
  • Go offline when you want to

Encourage students with AWARDS!

  • Students automatically receive practice awards according to your setup.
  • Add custom “stickers” to your students uploads to engage them even more.
  • Ongoing updates
  • New features based on your suggestions

Easily manage students and student groups

Practice Presto has all the bases covered!

  • Track attendance
  • Take payments
  • Create groups and broadcast messages to them
  • Create events and share related updates

Enjoy the dedicated support

A support team that is eager to help and focused on you

  • Live chat, chatbot and email support
  • Extensive video tutorials and FAQs
  • Ongoing updates
  • New features based on your suggestions

Why Practice Presto

Engaged, inspired students = more practice time

With Practice Presto, you will keep your students interested and keep them on track inside and outside the classroom by giving them content-rich assignments, tracking their progress and practice time, liking and commenting on their recorded practice sessions, giving them awards, creating student groups and more!

Easy, fun way to teach music

Create assignment templates and personalize them for individual students and student groups. Access assignment templates shared by other teachers and share your own. Add youtube videos, text notes, PDF files, images, audio and videos files – all right inside the assignment, and simplify practice for your student. No need to Facebook or email multiple files and stay up worrying that something will get missed.

Time for yourself - with a swipe

Centralize your communications in Practice Presto and avoid the headaches of missing a parent email or feeling obligated to chat with a student when you show up as “Active” on Facebook. Be as present as you want to be. With all communications safely stored in Practice Presto, you can help your students on your terms, when and where is convenient for you. Personalize your notification preferences so you never miss a beat!

Flipped classroom

Practice Presto enables you to create the blended learning environment that allows students to study at their own pace by getting access to all the instructional content inside the app, so they can practice more at home, with your guidance and parent support, and get targeted instruction and feedback during face-to-face lessons.

Involved parents

Practice Presto removes the shroud of mystery from music learning and gives parents a peek inside their child’s lessons and an introduction to the instructional methods you use. They feel more invested in the process and are empowered to help the student to practice more (and to practice correctly).


How do I sign up as Practice Presto teacher?

You can register on the website or in the Practice Presto app. Choose teacher on the top of the registration and fill out your details and create a password. Then you simply Sign Up on the bottom of the registration form. Remember to confirm your email address. Check your email account.
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